Pappas / UBA Health Plan Survey

2013 UBA Health Plan Survey, The Nation’s Largest Employee Benefits Benchmarking Survey

Data in the 2013 UBA Health Plan Survey is based on responses from 10,551 employers sponsoring 16,928 health plans nationwide. This unparalleled number of reported plans is nearly three times larger than the next two of the nation’s largest health plan benchmarking surveys combined. The resulting volume of data provides employers of all sizes more detailed — and therefore more meaningful — benchmarks and trends than any other source.

The survey’s focus is intended to provide a current snapshot of the nation’s employers rather than covered employees. Results are applicable to the small to midsize companies that comprise approximately 98percent of the nation’s 5 million-plus employers, as well as to larger employers, providing benchmarking data on a more detailed level than any other survey.

In 2013, employers covered 18 percent more of a single employee’s health insurance premium, or $934 per employee, but asked employees with dependents to pick up 3 percent more of the family premium, $492 on average, according to the 2013 UBA Health Plan Survey. The average worker, however, saw an overall increase in health care cost due to rising out-of-pocket costs, including higher in-network deductibles, in-network co-insurance, and significantly higher out-of-pocket maximums.

An employee’s portion of an employer-sponsored health plan decreased by 15.7 percent, this year, or $592 on average for a single employee. Government/education sector employees benefitted the most,where single employee contribution decreased nearly 30 percent, or $1,025, since 2012; taxpayers, therefore, assumed an additional $1,681 or 24.28 percent of a public employee’s health care cost

Contact Pappas Financial for additional information and to see how complete survey information compares to your company benefit plans. The UBA Health Plan Survey is done annually. The UBA Employer Opinion and Ancillary Benefits surveys are done in alternating years.